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Sue's Safe Haven Inc 
Women's Transitional Living Program

Mission Statement

To provide education and services ending in permanent housing and self-sufficiency

Our Vision

Our Vision is to promote self-sufficiency.  while educating, supporting and ministering to women

We offer homeless women a supportive caring environment, undergirding a pathway where participants go from homelessness to permanent housing and self sufficiency by addressing the total life situation of women served. While providing the basic necessities, we realize we have to do more to break the cycle of homelessness. At Sue's Safe Haven Inc, we provide families devastated by homelessness the tools and resources they need to begin a transition, with a change of mindset. With this goal in mind, SSH provides case managers work with each family to develop a plan to help them address the underlying issues of their homelessness. When families are stabilized and ready to leave the emergency shelter facility, our services continue through the Follow-up Case Management program for 6 additional months.

 will provide support and education services for participants Program, Education and Supportive services that are addressed:

  • Barriers to long term recovery from Homelessness

  • SUD prevention and recovery education knowledge

  • Identifying Community Resources

  • Life skills training-Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

  • Spirituality Concept Learning

  • Personal Development, Self-Empowerment, & Self Advocacy

  • Financial Literacy

Program Information


·         Stable living environment

·         Support

·         Education


·         Provides shelter for 6 women and 3 families.

·         Supportive services for homeless women to transition into permanent housing.

Goal of helping them live independently


 Program Guidelines:

·     Must be homeless.

·     Women 18yrs and older

·         Families consists of 1 woman and 3 children.

·         No children- males over 10 years old

·     Must find employment and keep full time employment during stay.

·     Mental health assessment before entering.

·     Sober (history of substance use, must attend rehabilitation workshop/classes)

To qualify:

  • must be homeless

  • women 18yrs and older

  • adhere to program guidelines

  • Commitment to change

What do I have to do?

Creating an individualized action plan is crucial for achieving independence. Our team will work with you to determine the best path forward and help you achieve your goals."

We offer a wide range of programs, including parenting training, budgeting, computer skills, and more. Our team regularly reviews each program to ensure that we are taking all the necessary steps to help you achieve independence in the near future.

Residents will also be expected to live respectfully in a community environment which includes chores, curfews and other necessary restrictions and expectations. Residents who graduate from Sue's Safe Haven Inc receive items and resources to assist in setting up their new household. Ongoing support is also provided with the goal of ensuring long-term, permanent independence.

Our residents are required to attend financial literacy classes, job readiness classes and meet one-on-one with their professional caseworker to develop an individualized action plan and goals for their success. You will also be required to attend mental health counseling with a professional during your stay.


Are you or someone you know in need of shelter? Our program provides a safe and supportive environment for those seeking refuge. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

Amelia C - Program Coordinator

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